Motex Healthcare Corp.

Motex Healthcare Group Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Spectacular Event and Pledge for Sustainable


On June 24, 2024, Motex Healthcare Group marked its 50th anniversary with a spectacular celebration in Tianzhong, Changhua. The event kicked off with a vibrant performance by the Wenxing High School Drum Team, led by Team Leader Wu Yingtan. Following this, the audience was treated to an energetic dance performance by Mei-e Chen's team and puppeteer Zhu Zhu's Motex mascot, accompanied by the AI-generated 50th anniversary theme song, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere.

The celebration highlighted not only the company’s impressive achievements over the past 50 years but also the launch of their latest innovation—the recyclable eco-friendly mask. The magician “Magic Master” Zou Bingxun captivated the audience with a stunning magic show, showcasing the mask's unique features. Chairman Cheng Yongzhu then provided an in-depth introduction to the mask's recycling system, emphasizing how this groundbreaking product reduces carbon emissions and promotes environmental sustainability.

In alignment with the global 2050 net-zero carbon emission target, Motex Healthcare Group hosted a pledge ceremony during the event. Chairman Cheng Yongzhu, along with representatives from various sectors, took the stage to declare their commitment to reducing energy consumption and promoting green production. This initiative underscores Motex’s dedication to environmental and social responsibility, showcasing their determination to lead in sustainable development.

Looking ahead, Motex Healthcare Group will continue to uphold its spirit of innovation, expanding into international markets and strengthening collaborations with global industry leaders. General Manager Cheng Yuliang stated that Motex is committed to maintaining excellence in product quality while setting a benchmark in environmental protection and social responsibility. The company aims to introduce more high-quality, innovative products to meet diverse market demands, providing the best protection for consumers. The 50th anniversary celebration not only honored Motex’s past achievements but also highlighted their ambitious vision for the future, making it a joyous and meaningful event.