Motex Healthcare Corp.

2019 Taiwan Medical Fair(medical taiwan)


2019 Taiwan Medical Fair(medical taiwan) held in 6/27-30 at Taipei World Trade Center. Strong promotion of masks and respirators, surgical and examination gloves, wound dressings and medical tapes as well as other medical disposables.

Motex Healthcare Corp. shows its capability in new product development and displays several products awarded with Taiwan excellence as well as global invention awards including PM2.5 respirator, aroma fragrant mask, sports mask, anti-leak mask, straw whistling and absorbent mask to capture the global mask market.

Motex Group Chairman YC Cheng known as "The Mask Expert" explains the group is at its 45th year continuing to develop medical gloves, wound dressing, mask and respirator with the Motex brand. Specially targeting the air pollution market, the company exhibits its new products: PM2.5 face mask, sports mask, and anti-leak mask to provide breathability and comfort for the general consumer against PM2.5 air particles.

Motex Group VP of Marketing Mr. Martin Cheng explains this year they received government subsidizing to promote their product to the japanese market and is holding distributor event. He explains that the japanese market shows strong interest in the aroma fragrant mask, absorbent mask and straw whistling mask as well as other innovative patented products.

Mr. Martin Cheng explains that several years ago the company obtained Disney character license that was highly liked by the Taiwanese consumer. The company with continue to look for other licensed products especially to be used on their patented C-shape 3D face mask to obtain strong brand presense in the global mask market.