Motex Healthcare Corp.

2018 Shanghai PPE Safety Fair(CIOSH)


2018.4.11~4.13 at Shanghai International Trade Center.  Exhibiting of mask, respirators, and latex gloves.


Taiwan's biggest mask manufacturer, Motex Group develops the noseband induced foam mask and respirator to not only receive the Taiwan patent but also awarded with the gold medal in Shanghai invention fair for enhanced loop adjuster for earband.

The group invested heavily in new production and facility to become a leading company for the surgical mask and respirator business. Its mask has achieved the PM2.5 standard, called CNS 15980 and achieved it for several levels including A>90%, B>85%, C>75%, D>65%. This includes several limiting factors such as particle filtration, breathability delta p, air leakage, earband strength, PH value, bacterial inhibitness. 

The company produces at medical grade environment and comforms to various international standards including ISO, FDA, CE. Its anti-leak diamond shape face mask is a tremendous improvement over the flatshape surgical mask, differentiating the leakage at least by 33%. At the coming and deteriorating of air quality, Motex continus to make mast improvements in various type of facemask and respirators to provide better healthcare for mankind.