Absorbent Mask (For dental patient use)
A whole new dental treatment experience, right in your face!



  • Cutting-edge Innovation.
  • Face fit & protection.
  • Stain-resistant & infection-free.
  • Dental clinic : Replacement to existing face drape, a super fluid absorbent layer to prevent the polluted fluid and spill water flowing out from the patient¡¦s mouth when taking a dental treatment. Easy and convenient for patients to use.
  • Medical beauty treatment : A mouth opening design to enable the patients to gloss over the unsightly look and protect the face skin from UV during a short convalescence after micro-cosmetic surgery, and without any affection when drinking or eating.
  • Burncare : Suitable for the patient¡¦s wear for preventing to expose the sensitive and fragile face skin to the sunlight after scarring of minor burn in order to avoid the melanin produced.
  • Elders homecare : Suitable for the elder patient¡¦s wear when fed on meal.






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