Anti-Leak Facemask
Protection from PM 2.5

Revolutionary, Patented Air-Tight Design
  • Medical-grade filtering materials are used to provide protection from dust, sand storms and PM 2.5 fine particles.
  • Innovative diamond-shaped contour allows better comfort and air penetration.
  • The patented air-tight design increases stability more than 50%, securing mask positioning.

Anti-Leak Mask
The bendable sides address the poor shaping of typical
masks and create seamless cheek contact.

Applicability :

Prevention of airborne infection and creation of a dust shield.

Product Characteristics:

  • Outer (sealing) layer :
    Bendable sides address safety oncerns by significantly reducing openings between mask and face.
  • Middle (high density) layer :
    The high-density, bacteria-proof filter is effective against dust and PM 2.5 fine particles.
  • Inner (comfort) layer :
    The design does not hamper breathing but pursues equilibrium of aesthetics and functionality.


  • Safety & effectively
    innovative design improving airseal fittness and filtration effection.
  • Simple structure
    Achiving simple outwork though extend folder.
  • Economic & pratical
    One piece design for easy automatic production and limited extra materials as well as offer cost.


Option :

Loop Adjuster






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