Diamond Shape Face Mask
with Loop-Adjuster


3 Advantages:
Easier breathing and speech with more comfort

  • Designed to have more room for easier breathing by eliminating discomforts to the nose in exhaling.
  • Keeps the facemask at a distance from the lips and mouth, providing more room for easier speech
  • Facemask can be adjusted to any facial shape and inner space can be enlarged for greater comfort.

Newly Patented in Taiwan (US, EC, Japan, China and other countries pending)


  • Begin by having one earloop fitted to the loop-adjuster.
  • While holding the facemask in place (front-side facing away and the nosepiece at the top), meet the loop-adjuster and the remaining earioop at either the back or the top of the head.
  • Both earloops can be fitted and refitted to any of the holes on the adjuster to suit different head sizes and different wear variations.
  • Lastly, stretch the facemask vertically to cover over the nose, mouth, as well as the chin. (Caution: Do not pull the body of the facemask to form too much space in the cavity.)

Facemask Features:

  • Can effectively prevent airborne infection and filter out small dust particles.
  • Outer Layer: water-repellent nonwoven to prevent fluid from entering the mask.
  • Middle Layer: high density nonwoven filter of BFE more than 99% (tested by Nelson Labs)
  • Inner Layer: comfortable water-absorbent micro-fibered nonwoven.

Loop-Adjuster Features:

  • When used together, the facemask and adjuster can avoid irritations to the back of the ear by moving the pressure to the less sensitive back of the head.
  • Perfect for extended wear. Convenient in the way that it can be worn around the neck while not in use. minimizing contamination and the frequency of replacing masks.
  • Adjustable to different head sizes and different wear variations for different users.


  • Facemask and loop-adjuster should be used together.
  • Do not pull the body of the facemask to over form space between the face and the mask.
  • Replace with a new set of facemask and adjuster upon entering or exiting potentially
    infectious area, and at times when either one becomes unusable (i.e. has a rip or a tear).
  • Replace when there is unusual smell in breathing.
  • Avoid contact with the outer surface of the tacemask when taking it off to prevent infection and contamination.
  • To dispose of the facemask and loop-adjuster, fold the facemask outward wrapping the loop-adjuster in it, and use its earloops to tie over the revealing inner surface. Dispose of it only in the wastebasket to minimize area contamination.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Validity : three years.

Item Code
1 pc per mask & loop-adjuster / polybag , 50 bags / box, 20 boxes / carton
1 pc / polybag , 50 bags + 50 loop-adjusters / box, 20 boxes / carton







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