Latex Examination Gloves

Motex exam. gloves are made by 100% pure natural latex concentrated and compounded at Molex's plants in Thailand & China.

These gloves are made by fully automatic and highly efficient production procedure. The individual inspection on gloves is always to ensure consistency of quality before packaging. Gloves are according to the specifications EN-455-1.2.3 & ASTM (American Society Testing & Materials) upon requests

Best gripping safety through txtured surface for perfect handling and safe grip in dry and wet situations. This glove is easy to don, incredibly comfortable to wear. and specially processed to minimize the risk of developing glove-related chemical or protein allergies.

Fits exactly to the shape of a hand because of its smooth, soft latex film.
Every time you wear Molex exam. gloves, you can be confident that your hands
are well protected.






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